Retail-Ready CDs - $3ea


  • Retail Ready CDs - Only $3ea
    • Standard Jewel Case
    • Full-Color CD face
    • Full-Color 2 Panel Insert
    • Full-Color Tray Card
    • Cellophane Wrapped
    • Barcode
  • CLICK HERE to see a virtual CD.
  • No contracts. You retain all rights to your music and CD artwork.
  • No setup charges. Only pay for the CDs and shipping.
  • No Risk - We'll ship you a preview copy of your CD at no cost to you.
  • Fast and Simple. In most cases, we can manufacture your CDs within 7-10 days after you upload your music and CD artwork.
  • Order as few as 5 CDs at a time. No more boxes of CDs sitting around gathering dust. Order more only when you need them.
  • Sell your CDs at Rockin To America. No need to dupe your CD. Only What I Need Now will dupe and ship your CD when a sale is made on Rockin To America. CLICK HERE to learn more.
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