Frequently Asked Questions


Below you will find answers to many of your questions. If you still have a question and didn't find the answer.

Fill out the Contact Us with your question or comment. In most cases, we'll answer you in 24-48 hours.

"Only What I Need Now"

  1. How are you different from traditional CD duplicating?
    We eliminate setup costs, machine preparation, coordination, human error and most labor costs. This yields a constant low production cost for all quantity levels. This means you can order smaller quantities eliminating a garage or room full of CDs gathering dusts.
  2. What are the benefits of duplicating my CD with you?
    You can order as few as 5 CDs whenever you need them at the same low price. You don't incur risk, upfront costs, or inventory. We even ship you one FREE preview copy. Your time to market is faster and easier. In most cases we can take your artwork and music, configure and manufacture in 7-10 days. You get retail quality, cellophane wrapped CDs with a bar code if needed.
  3. How long do you store my project?
    Your project is stored digitally which means your project will be available forever. You can reorder your CD as long as you need to without having to track down the master and the artwork to have additional CDs manufactured.
  4. What is the quality of the CDs?
    CDs manufactured by us look and feel as good or better than similar products found in retail stores. We print digitally in full color directly on the disc surface, case inserts and covers. We don't use peel-able labels or inkjet printers. Our cases are sealed with cellophane over-wrap.
  5. Can I get a barcode?
    Yes, we can provide you a FREE barcode for each of your projects. Note: The barcode is printed in the lower right corner of your traycard.
  6. Do you offer quantity discounts?
    Yes. we offer quantity discounts for quantities greater than 500. Contact us.
  7. Do You Have A Demo Account I Can Check Out?
    Yes. Click on DEMO ARTIST. The user name is demo and the password is demo.
  8. How Do I Get Started?
    You need to sign up. Once you sign up, we will set up you an account where  you will be able to:
    • Set Up New Projects
    • Upload And Save The Music and Artwork For Your CD
    • Preview Your CD Artwork Online
    • Order CDs.
    • Track Orders
    • View Order History
  9. How Do I Pay?
    When you place an order, we'll send you an email that we've posted a PAY NOW to your order under Order Status. Note: You do not need a Paypal account to pay. You will have the choice to pay with your credit card instead.
  10. How Do I Log In To My Account?
    Click on Artists and locate your name. Click on your name and login with your user name and password.
  11. What If I Join A New Band?
    We ask that you set up a new account with the new band. Your previous account will remain active as long as you want.
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