Below is what you need to know about submitting music for your project.

Fill out the Contact Us with your questions on submitting music for your project. In most cases, we'll answer you in 24-48 hours.

"Only What I Need Now"

  1. Should I submit my music as WAVs or MP3s?
    MP3s are good files to use for the uploading of your audio discs. These compressed files are small in comparison to WAV files, thus making them ideal for uploading, please note however the MP3s are about half the sample rate of CD quality. The audio reproduced from an MP3 file is difficult for the average ear to differentiate from the same audio played back from a standard CD. The best reproduction is accomplished by using WAV files. These files are generally 40 to 50 MB in size each.
  2. How much music will fit on a CD?
    There is a limit of 65mins per CD.
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